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Slipping is dangerous. Don’t let it affect your love ones. FixSlip is an affordable, effective anti-slip floor treatment that can be applied to different surfaces and different types of flooring. 100% non-toxic, safe for you and your family. Product of Singapore. One year warranty. Free re-application if it no longer works during warranty.

But if you prefer to apply FIXSlip by yourself, click here: FIXSlip DIY Anti-Slip Solutions

Effective Anti-Slip

  • Increases friction coefficient as certified by SGS for surface friction test

No Discoloration

  • Doesn’t change the outlook or appearance to your flooring. It may even look cleaner after treatment
  • Applicable to many surface types

Safe & Non-Toxic

  • 100% safe for home and workplace use, emitting no toxins during the treatment and upon completion. Non-flammable. Tested safe for TVOC and radiation by SGS.



1. Subject to site conditions. Mostly 99% we would be able to provide AntiSlip treatment. We will refund in cash if we are unable to provide AntiSlip.
2. Any additional treatment above the max. Area limit is chargeable at $19.90psm.