5-Hour Weekly Condo Ad-hoc and Spring Cleaning

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Need a break from your cleaning routine?

Our professional cleaning service team will gladly take over your cleaning duty so you can take a break and enjoy your life for a while. How?

Provide us with cleaning equipment and detergent then follow the simple steps to book your service:

  1. Choose how many times per week you want to book your regular weekly cleaning service.
  2. Choose your Condo type.
  3. For Your preferred day: type which day(s) you want us to come and clean your Condo based on your choice of how many times per week. For example you choose 2 times per week and you prefer Monday and Thursday, so you will type: Mon, Thu. Or any other combination of your preferred days such as: Tue, Fri.
  4. Increase the number of weeks if you want to purchase more than 4 weeks. 
  5. Choose your starting date. We will only come on the day you choose us to come.
  6. Choose which time slot you prefer.
  7. Click ADD TO CART button to purchase the package and to confirm the booking.

If the preferred day is not tally with your choice of how many times per week, we will contact you again to confirm before we can start our service. So, to avoid the hassle, please make sure you give the correct day(s) based on how many times per week you choose. 

To get our best rate, we require minimum commitment of 4 weeks for our weekly regular 3-hour CONDO Ad-hoc and Spring Cleaning

We'll clean all rooms that you allow us to enter and clean up. This service includes:

  • All doors and gates
  • Balcony (if any)
  • All bathrooms (include tiled walls, floor, basin, toilet bowls and fittings)
  • Vacuum and mop all floor areas
  • Kitchen area (include tiled walls, cooking stove and exterior electrical appliances)
  • Exterior of all furniture including kitchen cabinets
  • Interior shelving (if empty)
  • Interior of cabinets (if empty)
  • Glass surfaces (mirrors and sliding doors)



Condo sizes are based on number of bedrooms plus common areas. Hence 3-room Condo means 2 bedrooms and the common areas counted as 1 room.