EZZOGENICS, proudly presents WeShop, Singapore one-stop online store for all products and services to meet your handyman needs.  

Our lights are sourced under ODM arrangements from China and ASEAN countries.

We also carry our Product of Singapore branding under Ezzolights, designed and built to Singapore Safety Mark and IEC certification.

Our WeFix Principle:
  1. We review our products for quality and suitability of use, but should we fail to please, we welcome your feedback.
  2. We endeavour to share and advice our products' strengths and weaknesses, but please do understand the price you pay does reflect the value of the product.
  3. We try our best to share our knowledge about light fittings and LED lighting. If we do not know, we will admit it and look for answers from experts.
  4. Ezzolights have been installed in many commercial, residential, hotel and industrial projects. No project is too small. Each and every customer is valuable to us.
  5. Ezzolights as part of Ezzogenics offers project customisation with made to order LED selection, light housing, printer circuit board and power supply approved to IEC/EN/UL certification. Our portfolio includes Relux Light Simulation, installation and electrical works in Singapore, and Greenmark SS530 and SS531 light consultation.
  6. Apart from selling Ezzolights, WeShop also sells services done by WeFix.sg
  7. Please feel free to chat or email us, should you want to discuss technical details for a mock up assessment or complimentary technical advice. If you don't see us online, leave us a message either via our chat engine at the bottom this page or via our contact page and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you
David Chan
CEO Ezzogenics